Believers who would like to and are able to transfer or deposit their tithes and offerings may do so in the following bank accounts of the Church:


Information for tithes and offerings in the United States can be found in the following website:


Steps to send your Tithes and Offerings in Canada through Interact E-transfer from your personal bank account.

1. Log on to your online banking service.
2. In your personal account, go to Transfers and Interact e-transfers method.
3. Add the Church to your list of Recipients in Interact E-transfer method as follows:

Name: CGMJI email: [email protected]
Include in the notes the location of the church you attend
NOTE: The church does use an "autodeposit system." However, some banks still require a question and answer to validate the transfer. If this is your case, the question is church and the answer is idmji (lower case).
Finally, we strongly suggest that you send an email to [email protected] to state your full name, home address, and the city where you attend church for tax purposes, as well as your next-year donation receipt.


Account holder: Iglesia de Dios Ministerial de Jesucristo Internacional.
Bank: BBVA (Bancomer)
Account number: 0111550462
Reference: Tithe or offering