The Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International was created in 1972 as a Christian Church guided by the Holy Spirit and as practitioners of the Bible. The following is the first prophecy given by Sister Maria Luisa Piraquive that same year to her husband Luis Eduardo Moreno, in which God promised:

“I will make this small fold into a great nation where I will manifest, I will bring prosperity and I will bring the souls. I will teach you the doctrine and you will preach to numerous people, I will use you and give you all the spiritual gifts. I will support you. My Church will spread throughout the world I will raise it up; I myself will lead and govern the Church.”

“Anywhere a sincere soul may be I will bring it to this place. I will grant them peace, joy and happiness. Some will want to join; even people from other congregations will come and will join my Church. Every person that comes into my Church will be materially and spiritually blessed. I shall bring those who are to be saved. Many people will convert to me. I will teach you all the doctrine, give you revelations and will support your words.

“My Spirit shall guide and teach you all things.” 

All these promises have been fulfilled. People have had the opportunity to listen to God through the Gift of Prophecy, the visions, the dreams, the revelations and discernment.

People have enjoyed the power of God in their hearts; their vices and errors have been transformed. Likewise, they have been blessed in their material lives. But above all, they’ve been filled with the joy and peace only God can grant. Throughout these years, the growth of the Church has been wonderful. There are now more than 500 locations in the world where people can enjoy the complete gospel; where the living God guides His people.